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Burks Irrigation is a full-service residential and commercial Irrigation company.  We provide the following services:
Sprinkler Repair
sprinkler repair

Burks Irrigation can handle any sprinkler repair problem, big or small, with your sprinkler irrigation system. We guarantee our prompt sprinkler repair and maintenance service. We will make sure your sprinkler system waters your lawn in the most efficient way possible for each season. Some of the most common problems are:

  • Running water that won't shutoff

  • Poor spray patterns &  wasted water 

  • Malfunctioning control units

  • Broken pipes 

  • Cut Wires

  • Clogged nozzles

  • Broken valves

  • Broken sprinkler heads

Drain Systems
drain systems

Learn More About French Drain Systems & Design:

  • Residential drainage systems

  • Exterior French drain and tile-line drain systems

  • Exterior waterproofing

  • French drains, sumps, and waterproofing

  • Concrete removal, haul-off, and replacement

  • Concrete and dirt fumes

  • Minor yard re-grading

  • Seamless aluminum guttering installation and repairs

  • Flumes

As an experienced landscape services company, we can provide comprehensive irrigation services to property owners. Accordingly, we can choose and install the perfect type of irrigation system for our client’s outdoor space. These are the types that we commonly install:

  • Drip – Drip systems are considered the most cost-effective plant hydration systems since they specifically target the areas near plant roots. They are ideal for areas that require fail-proof water supply.

  • Sprinkler – Sprinkler systems are versatile hydration systems that can use sprays, overhead sprinklers, or fixed risers. These types are commonly used on expansive lawns, and other areas that cover a large expanse of landscape

  • Rotary – This system utilizes sprinklers that move in a circular motion. It can cover great distances, this is  ideal for spacious lawns